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Services found at BPA:

Facility and events management

  • On-site client facilities management
    • Dental Office management
    • Training Fund administration
    • Union Office support
  • Property management services
    • Condominium corporation management services
  • Event management services
    • Golf tournament promotion and registration
    • Social event registration software platform for any event you need to organize
    • Entertainment management

Financial services

  • Payroll outsourcing services
  • Human resource outsourcing
  • Candidate searches
  • Complete financial accounting with proper internal controls
  • Financial consulting
  • Group retirement counselling

Media and printing

  • Professional publishing services
    • Book publishing
    • Pamphlet production
    • Media graphics
    • Materials distribution
    • Canada Post integrated forms production and mailing
    • Photocopy and print management

For sales inquiries, please contact either Ontario and Western Canada or Atlantic Canada.